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Snorlax Best Moveset Pokemon Go

Snorlax Best Moveset Pokemon Go. Body slam is pretty much a requirement in order to use snorlax for pvp. Zen headbutt is really bad.

Does this moveset make my 100 Snorlax undesirable? Snorlax, Pokemon from

Lick is a much better attacking moveset. Lick zen headbutt yawn (elite tm) main move. It is vulnerable to fighting moves.

While It May Seem Like Combat Power (Cp) Or Stats (Ivs) Are The Most Important Factors In Pokémon Go, Movesets Play A Critical Role As Well.

All in all, snorlax is a much better defender than attacker though. Of course, the more players participating, the faster the raid battle will go. Your secondary charged move of choice is going to depend on the format.

Body Slam Is Decent Damage But Can Be Used To Shield Bait.

About anything that looks edible, munchlax will go on and swallow whole. There is no moveset that you should attack a chansey with from a snorlax unless you're a fan of timeouts. 3x bs = 150dmg 1 hyper beam = 150dmg so match length and energy gain determinates who does more dmg, not the move dmg alone.

He Is Also The Best Overall Gym Defender Due To Great Stats And Normal Typing.

Best moves for snorlax pokemon go the best moves include earthquake, fire blast, focus punch and hyper beam. Lick & body slam can also be use for defense. Check out legacy moves list combo dps click here.

Anything With Zen Headbutt Is Pretty Good On Defense.

Lick is snorlax's only real option with regards to its fast moves. I would say body slam is the best because it takes less time to charge. Munchlax's strongest moveset is tackle & body slam and it has a max cp of 1,892.

Lick Zen Headbutt Yawn (Elite Tm) Main Move.

Up 0 down by amac 4 years 11 months ago (no subject) jhvs l/hb all the way! It goes without saying that all your mons in pvp need a second charged move. I would immediately transfer any lick/earthquake.